Lingerie Size Guide

DISCLAIMER: Please make sure you review the sizing charts and descriptions within each product listing. The fabrics, stretch, and fit varies per product, which means sizing may differ slightly between our v-kinis, lingerie, and apparel.


Our size chart measurements differ between our swim, lingerie, and apparel. We’ll specify the actual fit of the garment (whether it’s true to size, runs small, or oversized), and any other details that are more specific to the piece in the description. You’ll also see arrows on the size chart to help guide you on where to measure yourself and/or the garment. All measurements (shown in inches) are taken by placing the garment on a flat surface and leaving them unstretched unless otherwise noted.



We list the appropriate bra size that fits within each XS-3X category, which would be shown on the actual product’s size chart. In case you can’t find your usual band or cup letter size, we suggest looking into your sister size.


We provide a range of body waist and hip measurements that fit within each XS-3X category. Check the table below to line up your body measurements to the US letter size.



    To find your Voight Fit there are two measurements you need:

    Band Size:

    1. Take a soft measuring tape and wrap it around your ribcage, just below your breasts, where the band of a bra would normally sit.  Make sure that the tape is parallel to the floor and that your chest is relaxed.
    2. Make sure your arms are down and by your side when taking the final measurement.
    3. Take a breath and measure your ribcage as you are fully exhaled and relaxed. If you don't land on a whole number we recommend rounding down.
    4. If you don't have a measuring tape, try using a long piece of ribbon or string.  You can mark where you land, and then measure it with a ruler/yardstick on a flat surface.
    5. See if a friend or relative can help measure you. The idea is for your arms and entire body to be relaxed while measuring.

      Bust Size:

      1. Put on your most comfortable, unpadded bra.
      2. Then wrap a measuring tape around the fullest part of your breast without squishing into your body.

        ❤ Now, take your two measurements and check the table below.  Wherever you land in those ranges is your bra size for Voight.  Please note that we use US sizing. If you land on a size that sounds off from what you normally wear, it might be your sister sizing


          Voight Bra Size Chart

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